hiP-V 20kW

hiP-V 20kW HIPIMS power supply

Flexible, modular, multi functional!

Reliable industrial work horse.

The breakthrough for HIPIMS in the industry is here. There has been power supplies on the market that are capable of HIPIMS for more than a decade, however, they have all left a lot to wish for in terms of stability and reliability required in industrial production. Now it’s here. The hiP-V has been designed down sizing extremely reliable train technology instead of up-sizing fragile laboratory equipment.

Still all the functions available in the low power equipment.


  • HIPIMS-PS; Uni-Polar / Bi-Polar
  • Superimposed DC/HIPIMS capability
  • HIPIMS Bias PS; DC and DC–pulse
  • DC-PS
  • HiPlus positive voltage reversal
  • Single Magnetron / Dual Magnetron -Capability

The test run includes running reactive sputtering of aluminum oxide at 120% of the maximum power for at least five minutes.

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