hiP-V 1kW

hiP-V 1kW HIPIMS power supply

Flexible, modular, multi functional!20140121_123456

The 1kW hiP-V is perfect for laboratories where small magnetrons are used. The unit offers all the flexibility and stability of the undustrial units but in a scale that fits a small scale RnD system. Instead of buying five different units to optimise the deposition it’s now possible to use only one, the hiP-V.


  • HIPIMS-PS; Uni-Polar / Bi-Polar, with Superimposed DC/HIPIMS capability
  • HIPIMS Bias PS; DC and DC–pulse
  • DC-PS
  • DC –pulse; Uni-Polar / Bi-Polar
  • Single Magnetron / Dual Magnetron -Capability





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